vendredi 9 septembre 2016

ILM Challenge - THE RIDE - The Swamp Spider

The Swamp Spider: Troopers are hunting jedi on Dagobah Dagoba is a Swamp so dense that common ship of vehicules cannot land. A special transporter would be usefull to travel across the bayou where the path disappear hunder the vegetation in no time.

ILM Challenge - Favorite - The Meeting

So I stopped working on THU challenge because of the ILM challenge. I will share with you a few things I done for the contest . >>>

mardi 1 mars 2016

Modo scifi corridor still work work

Vaugh Ling tuto

Vaugh Ling ! MODO tutorial

I admit that I'm a bit proud of me. For the first 3D scene ever done. It is looking good. And so easy to do. Thanks to Vaugh Ling and Modo.

dimanche 21 février 2016

Offical website

My personal website is a live. There is still work to add but you already could have a look and tell me what do you think about it.

dimanche 15 novembre 2015